Ann; Your book is a fascinating journey through many dreams about UFO's, meetings with contactees, work with astronomer J. Allen Hynek, and the strange world in which we live.

Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist

Ann's open heart manner, her impersonal honesty, and her personal knowledge gave us the opportunity to accept her as a powerful ally and professional advocate. She was able to speak to those who focus on the physical level, the biological level, the psychosocial level, and the spiritual level of UFO/ET phenomena. And she wowed the crowd with her assertive comments about government secrecy and the cover-up of the ET Presence.

R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Wyoming UFO Researcher

Ann, you are dealing with the subject of Disclosure;  be prepared … many people will try to block your valuable information or discredit you.  This is an ambitious project.  You are an extraordinary person and I greatly admire your courage and determination.  

 Carol Adler, MFA  Author and President, Dandelion Enterprises, Inc.

Ann weaves a beautiful tapestry of her interesting life.  Her devotion to the work of UFO researcher and respected astronomer J. Allen Hynek is part of this biographical work of art.  It is definitely worth reading. 

 Paola Leopizzi Harris, Author, Exopolitics;  All the Above

Ann woke me up to the possibility of contact between an individual like myself and an intelligent being from another world.  I have found her to always be honest and open to the truth as it presented itself to her.  She is highly spiritual and a great friend to me, her Sisters and to off-world visitors and she has a story to share.    

Wayne Peterson, Software Engineer, UFO/ETI Researcher

After reading your book a "knowingness" came over me as I discovered that there is someone out there that has been given "hands off" when other ET's approach and want to make one part of their team. I understood this and commend you for stating this so clearly. It also let me know at what level you play globally on the planet and for that I honor your time here as I know it is not easy to stay at times. As I read I could see through your eyes as you were writing it and what an adventure you have had through these years, but I know it doesn't stop there as your second book will be exciting as well. When will you write it? Thank you for being on the planet at this time.  

Lavandar OK. 

Your book is beautiful, Ann. I will treasure it and your friendship.

C. A. AZ

Just finished reading your book.  Fascinating !!!!! 


I just finished reading your book. It's GREAT!! Maybe my urge to move to a different location really does mean something after all.


I was intrigued throughout the entire book! I could hardly put it down! I will pass this on and recommend it to many others.


Well done! I would never have suspected you had been confronted with such relentless dreams and awe-inspiring messengers. You seem so grounded. I am so glad I got a chance to read your work.


WHAT A BOOK!! And that doesn't do it. Not nearly. I am so transported to another dimension by the reading, and think it's somewhat like you describe in meeting the Sisters of Light. It has me shaken, for sure. You have put out a message that is so needed at this time. You did it, gal, you REALLY DID IT! I will recommend this to anyone and everyone because it is so needed to help WAKE UP the population.


Ann, I have just finished reading your book, excellent! It brought to light many things. It gave me some ideas on how to look at things from a different point of view. I am a native american and I have seen things that I could not put an answer to. But now I know that I can at least look at things a little differently. Great book!


Your book is a page turner! I can hardly put it down. I am finding so many things that hit a spark of light in me. The more I read your book the more I want to make a drastic shift in what I do. I admire your work.


Hi Ann your book is the best I have read. I have been a listener of c2c.since Art started. I have read many books on your subject.You have sent out the best positive credible info. Thanks again for your book


You are very brave to step out as you have with your story. The gov't is slowly choking off our freedom as we know it but most people are totally unaware of it. Are you at all concerned about repercussions from your topic or are you 'protected' from harm's way? Anyway, you are an unique friend with special talents.


I just read your book and wanted to email you to say thank you, and bravo! I've been researching these matters for some time now and know you speak the truth. I truly appreciate your "loud voice" and your honesty. I am certainly listening and just wanted to say thanks. I think about my own Spirituality and have begun to learn more.


Ann: I have read your book. You did a wonderful job of presenting your experiences with UFO's !! Brilliant!


I finally had an opportunity to read your book. I loved it. The emphasis on unconditional love was beautiful. The way you used all your experiences to formulate your spiritual beliefs was outstanding.


Ann: I am in total agreement wih your conclusions as put forth in the last chapter of Dragon. We must work together (love one another) if we are going to progress toward a higher plane of existence. The manner in which we get there will, undoubtedly differ among the various believers. It remains that the goal is the same for all who truly desire a better world in which to exist. It is also, I believe, incumbent on those with this goal to provide/share a better place for those who are yet to accept the responsibility. It is part of our duty " go forth and teach". I wish we lived closer so we could discuss these ideas face to face. Thanks again for the book.


Ann: I do love your work. I deeply respect you and your Mantis Guide very much. When I was 8 yrs old I saw an Alien Being standing in my bedroom. It nodded to me and then vanished back towards the light coming through the blinds. I related a lot to your book and wanted to tell you that it has effected me and helped me. Bless you and thanks again, in a way, for changing my entire way of thinking about life.


All of you on this Earth should get "Dragon in the Sky". The most prophetic and powerful book I have ever read!


I just read your book. Multiple dimensions with higher realities and purpose are also in my work. Service for others, true Spirituality.

D.R. PhD

I personally know Ann, and her sharing this with the World is timely and needed. While reading the book, which I did in one sitting, I myself found we had similar experiences, and it also sparked my mind in such a way that other pieces of my life made some sense. Thanks you Ann, it is time!


"Comprehensive yet concise, Authentic but not condescending. Great credentials to back up your suppositions and experiences. It's a real I opener!!"


Hello Mrs Eller. I just want to say thank you for everything you've done to help mankind.

Anonymous, 7/22/11

I find the book “Dragon in the Sky” very interesting. It's about Ann Eller experiences working with Dr. J.Hynek, his background and involvement with UFOs during the 1950's through the 1970's for the US Air Force, Project Blue Book. Ann also covers some of her experiences in life and communications with ETs which I find very interesting. My favorite part of the book is Chapters 7 & 8 because it deals with planet Nibiru and how to prepare for its return. It's well written and full of valuable information. Ann’s video is also very interesting because she has the audience captivated.

Dave Garcia, Author of "Wake Up Humanity"

I am a historian in Salem, MA, a city which experienced a world-famous UFO sighting in 1952. I bought Ann Eller's "Dragon in the Sky" book (published 2010) in an attempt to learn more about the UFO phenomenon in general. What I found most intriguing about Ann's book is that it runs the full gamut from "concrete" to "abstract." On the "concrete" side, it contains pictures of Ann Eller working with the esteemed UFO-ologist J. Allen Hynek--as well as pictures of Ann with President Bill Clinton---and Ann working at the White House. On the more abstract side, it contains much dream information, and spiritual messages and purported prophesy as well. The book raises questions about the degree to which higher intelligences and spirit(s) might be actively impacting human thoughts, dreams, impressions, intuition and behavior---and the ultimate purposes of life in Creation. I found the book to be enriching on many levels, as well as quite fun to read. Thanks Ann!

John Goff, columnist for The Salem Gazette, Salem MA