Sighting 8/12/21

Dear Friends;

I want to tell you about a very exciting sighting that I had in Cottonwood, AZ. I believe sometime in the first week of July, 2021. I first noticed this bright white globe hanging in the blue sky without a cloud in sight around 4:30 PM. I tried to mentally access it to see if I could get any feeling about what it was. I had the impression that it was a large object but I’m no good at judging height or distance or size. I watched this lovely globe for sometime but eventually went inside to prepare dinner. I had not received any form of communication from it.

A bit later I heard a commotion outside in the courtyard and several of my neighbors were out looking up and chatting excitedly so I went out and joined in. The globe was still there and had moved slightly to the South and now was directly above our apartments. One woman said she had called a friend who has binoculars and he said he could see something below the globe like a basket. Another neighbor chimed in with the news it was being reported as a NASA Research Balloon. Another person said her kids were very disappointed that it wasn’t an Alien Craft !! After about an hour I left the group and retired to my place.

Soon I received an email from friends in Chino Valley saying they were seeing the globe in their neighborhood. They reported that they observed it for sometime as it slowly drifted above and then suddenly it turned RED and accelerated straight up and disappeared in a matter of seconds ! Now the official story from NASA was that it landed near Chino Valley and when they reported that they showed a photo of a research balloon on the ground but the photo was taken in New Mexico.? Ellen one of the Chino Valley friends had enough presence of mind to snap a few photos on her cell phone and she sent them to me. I in turn sent them to Nancy Lieder of and for her opinion. Nancy is an Emissary for the Zetas (Aliens from Zeta Reticuli). She looks at photos every day sent to her from around the world. She is an expert in these matters. Nancy reported to me that others had sent photos of the same globe and she had identified the object as an Alien craft with the signature of a “Mothership”. BiNGo!!!! How exciting!!

It appears that since our Government will still not say that Aliens exist and are among us, that our ET friends are going to step up the disclosure process so keep your eyes on the skies for we are not alone !!