A Letter from Ann

I am back after a brief time of total disconnection from the internet and the world in general. My life has changed greatly in the past 18 months as all of our lives have. The Scamdemic, Covid, shutdowns, loss of jobs, and the 2020 fake Presidential election has taken a great toll on all of us.

We have seen families torn apart over who is vaccinated and who isn’t ! We are seeing our children being taught to hate and be ashamed if the color of your skin is white. We are learning of the horrible assault on our children in sex trafficking and satanic ritual with the harvesting of adrenochrome (blood saturated with adrenalin from a terrified and traumatized child) in order to seek perpetual youth. Dear God; If this is the replay of Sodom and Gomorrah it is many times worse. The very structure of our society has hit quicksand!

It is always darkest before the dawn and we are in pitch blackness at the moment. But there is hope that soon the wrongs will be righted, and the purge of Satan’s followers (The Deep State) will be complete. And then Light, Love, and a more Spiritual way of life will be the order of the day. We’ve all been to Hell and back and when we feel we cannot go on another minute we must take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other. Each day we need to find something positive to be thankful for even if it is just that we can take a deep breath !

We hear a lot about Ascension. What is it? Well, we are headed for the 5th dimension (an atmosphere of a higher, more rapid vibration where there is more spirit than gross physical matter.) Our very physical bodies are changing from a carbon base to a more crystalline base and additional energy centers are being added (chakras). We will be lighter and brighter and more loving in the 5th dimension. But getting there is tough and long and at times it’s seemingly impossible.

But, we are not alone!! Look up, look around, and wake up! Thousands of ET’s (extraterrestrials—aliens) are here on and above the Earth. Their mission is to see that we don’t blow up ourselves and half the galaxy . They are lending their technology to help stabilize the planet as it goes through the throes of labor on it’s journey to the entrance of the 5th dimension and the onslaught of a rogue planet that has entered our solar system and is headed this way. Yes, Planet X aka Nibiru is real and will pass us at approximately 14 million miles on its way out of our solar system only to return at a later date. It has been suggested that a Tibetan Monk pin pointed the year of passage at 2026 and this has been corroborated by the Zetas ( ET’s from Zeta Reticuli who give their Emissary , Nancy Lieder information . Zetatalk and Polshift.ning).

The ET’s that are surrounding our planet have left their homes in the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri and many other cosmic places to support us, encourage us, assist us, and watch us. No one is quite sure what is going to happen because never before has the Planet gone through a Spiritual Ascension and at the same time the close passage of Nibiru. During the passage our planet will stop it’s rotation and fall over causing the oceans to slosh out into space and back again across the earth. Then slowly as Nibiru leaves, Earth will again become upright and begin rotation. Many will not survive.

In many of my dreams I have seen long lines forming to board great star ships and the sky has been filled with craft picking people up who have decided to leave. I do feel that there will be help leaving the Planet if we so choose.

In your prayers please bless the brothers and sisters from the stars and thank them for their sacrifice. This is the great Galactic Federation !

Until next time; Sayonara 

Ann Eller