Two big buck antelope came close and stood like sentries next to a large pile of standing stones and looked me right in the eye. As soon as I got the message that I was to stand next to the rock pile, the bucks ran off. I whispered a mantra, a prayer of protection, and a request that contact, should it happen, be enlightening.

After a moment, I walked over to where Connie was watching the antelope through binoculars. Doug squatted and scratched the dirt with a stick producing the image of three spaceships.

"These are the shapes of the ships that I'm picking up and there seem to be four of them, one large, and three small. They're directly behind the sun." He wiggled his fingers in the air, and received some sort of communication. I tried to do the same, but again, nothing.

Suddenly, something made me close my eyes. An image of a star map appeared on the inside of my eyelids. Light streaked across from star to star, details became refined and I saw an area of the sky with a circle around it.

Doug got the same impression at the same time, and was able to distinguish a few more details. It was a star map not unlike the map reported by Betty Hill in her abduction story. I felt a tap on my head and perceived the insect-being's presence once again, and got the impression that he had come in one of the invisible space crafts Doug drew a picture of in the dirt.

The cold wind picked up. I stepped behind the rock pile where it was a little warmer out of the icy breeze. Doug and Connie stood nearby.

I closed my eyes and said, "There's a woman here and she has a wreath of flowers around her head. Her hair is long. There's also a man with her."

"I have the impression that they have to ask permission," Doug offered.

Immediately, I felt the presence of my Master, Maharaji in my third eye, giving me permission. Instinctively, I put my arms out while keeping my eyes closed and became aware of a physical sensation -- a powerful vibration as though a beam of light pierced the center of my forehead and then radiated throughout my body. It seemed Doug and Connie were miles away, and I was being lifted up and bathed in an overpowering pink light.

I could feel the pulse of infinite energy. The pink light burned hot to a brilliant white. An intense heat filled my body and I got the sense of someone jamming a steel rod down the back of my head, down my spine, and out my tailbone. I felt pain, the white light, the fierce energy of it all, vibrating like an emotional sensation through my whole being.

The energy coursed from the top of my head, down my spine, completely through me and out my left leg. I began to cramp, and willed myself to breathe through the pain. I said to myself, "It's OK, you can stand it, you can stand it, whatever it is, it's good, it's happening to you, it's all good!"

I grabbed the back of my neck to staunch the pain running up into my head. My body shook vigorously. Unsteady, I collapsed to my knees. A ball of light exploded inside my head, a physical quality like 4th of July sparklers going off inside my head ensued. The episode ended when I fell forward to take the weight off my left leg, giving sway to the ardent pounding at the base of my skull.

Two powerful thought forms that went through my mind at the time were: "I am going somewhere," and "We are changing souls." It was an extra-dimensional event that was so complex that I cannot begin to understand it. From that moment on, I have felt as if I knew what it was like to be an alien in human form; I experienced a moment of high clarity when I knew I was one with the universe, a Starseed.

Connie and Doug appeared and asked if I was all right. I told them that I didn't think I could stand due to the cramp in my leg. Connie began to rub my leg as I sat and rested. I started telling her what had happened when she called Doug over.

"Look at her eyes, Doug." I looked at Doug so he could look at me. "Her blue eyes are bleached completely white!"