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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Arther Schopenhauer, German Philosopher, 1788-1860

Please contact me for speaking engagements.

I have spoken at the following events:

Coast to Coast with George Noory   12/10/09

Eclectic Discussion Group: Cottonwood, AZ  2/3/10

International UFO Congress, Laughlin, NV.   2/20/10 to 2/27/10

UFO TV Blog Radio  2/24/10

Paul Twitchell Radio interview  2/24/10

Book Signing at Goldenword Books, Sedona, AZ. 3/14/10

MUFON Sedona, AZ. 3/26/10

MUFON Phoenix, AZ. 4/17/10

Universal Talk Radio with Joseph Marra 4/24/10

Sedona Talk Radio with Blair Carl  4/25/10 

Rumor Mill News Radio with Rayelan Allen  4/30/10

Vortex Network News with Aurora Light  7/24/10

Starseed Academy with Lavandar and Arielle  7/24/10

Mz Mugzzi Blog Talk Radio  7/26/10

BBS Radio with Nancy Wallace  8/1/10

TD Mischke CBS/WCCO 830- Minneapolis  8/4/10

Dresser After Dark: with Michael Ray Dresser. BlogTalkRadio. 8/16/10 Listen in Planet X

Starstyle radio,, Worldtalk Radio, with Cynthia Brian 8/19/10 Listen in

The Phil Mikan Show, WLIS-WMRD Radio, Hartford, CT. 8/20/10

Ron Ross WJBC am & fm-Bloomington, IL.  9/7/10  9:00 AM Pacific

Charlie Thomas Show KDRO , Sedalia, MO. 9/9/10 5:30 AM Pacific

MANCOW Show ( 9/10/10 9:00 AM Chicago time, 7:00 AM Pacific

Mike Rigby "Fringes" KSRR 1400  9/14/10  8:00 AM Pacific

Mancow Show ( 9/28/10  9:30 AM Central 7:30 AM Pacific

Sedona Book Fair  Speaker 10/02/10  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The X Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell--Canada/International  taping interview 10/06/10 

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara 10/8/10  7-9 PM Pacific

BBS Connecting the Light, Michael Quinsey 10/15/10  2:00 PM Pacific

Bay Area UFO EXPO  10/30/10-10/31/10 Fairmont Hotel,  San Jose CA. 

Canada's Coast to Coast- The Night Fright Show with Brent Holland CKLU  11/10/10  10-11 PM Eastern 

Open Minds Radio Show Monday, November 22, 7:30 to 8:30 PM Pacific time

Arthur Robinson Dec. 2--6 PM Eastern

Ohio Exopolitics--Blogtalkradio-with Mark Snider  Dec. 11 --10 PM Eastern

MUFON---Sedona, AZ Jan. 21 Friday at ;7:00PM in person--all welcome--St Andrews Church

Ohio Exopolitics---Blogtalkradio--with Mark Snider  Jan. 26, 2011  10 PM Eastern

Al Windsperger---WYRQ Little Falls, MN.---Feb 1, 2011

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara-----Feb 7, 10 PM-12 AM Eastern

OLLI--Continuing Education---Yavapai College, Sedona, AZ. 3/11/11, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Steve Kates "Mr Sky"-- Pre taped interview 3:00PM Mountain, March 17,201O

Jerry Puffer---KSEN Radio--Shelby, MT. March 18,2011, 4:30 PM Mountain

Jerry Puffer----Talk Show---Altoona, PA.  3/20/11  Pretaped.

Ohio Exopolitics--Blogtalkradio--with Mark Snider April 2, 2011 10:00 PM Eastern

Interview for UK Documentary re:Dr.J Allen Hynek Monday, 4/11/11

The Zany Mystic, Lance White, BBS radio 5/21/11 7 PM Pacific with Patrick Timpone's Morning Show---6/13/11 7-9AM Pacific

"The Edge AM" with Daniel Ott, Saturday 7/2/11, 8-10 PM EST---5-7 PM PST

Peterborough, England 87.7 FM, "Esoteric Discussions" with Valentine St. Aubyn, 7/6/11 1:00PM Pacific

"Late Night In The Midlands" with Michael Vara, Friday 7/8/11, 6:00 -9:00 PM Pacific

Cult Radio - "CRAGG LIVE" 7:00 PM Pacific August 20, 2011 with Terry and Tiffany

 Peterborough, England 87.7 FM, "Esoteric Discussions" with Valentine St. Aubyn, 9/21/11 1:00PM Pacific

NightTalker radio with Michael David McGuire, taped 9/20/11

Car Concerns Radio USA with Harry Douglas: Thurs. 10/06/11-- 7 AM Pacific

Tuning in with Betsy" Host Betsy Belaga, BlogTalkRadio, October 7, 1:30 PM Pacific

Ohio Exopolitics---with Mark Snider--Blog Talk Radio---Thursday 10/13/11 7PM Pacific

Filmed interview by 11/26/11 at the Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ.

"Late Night In The Midlands" with Michael Vara, Friday 11/28/11, 8:00 -10:00 PM Mtn

Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy, Wed. 1/25/12 7-9 PM Pacific --

 Kingston, Jamaica radio====Wed. 2/15/12 11:00 AM

BBS Connecting the Light with Mike Quinsey, 5/25/12 ,  2:00 PM Pacific

Totonto TV local station: Sunday 7/22/12  8:00 PM EDT.  Live interview.

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara----Friday, Dec.21,2012. 10PM Eastern time.

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara---Monday, 5/27/13, 9:30 PM Eastern (2 hrs)


The Bob Charles Show. , September 8,2013, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

 The Bob Charles Show., October 1,2013,  10:00 AM EST

Michael David Mc  August 13, 2014

The Hundreth Monkey BBS radio-with Tom and Ramon: 9/13/14 --6 PM PST

Michael David  9/30/14  Update Earth Changes---

Dr. and Janet ----10/31/14----6 to 7 PM Pacific time.

Fight For Our Freedom Radio: Host--'badbaby"---10 PM EST Friday 11/28/14

The Bob Charles Show. , November 13, 2015  6:00 PM EST

Project Camelot: Kerry Cassidy.  Tlhursday 11/19/15--7PM PST

Interstellar Federal Peace Conference: One Universe, One Home

Speaker June 9-11 2018 Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva Intercontinental Hotel.