Counseling Sessions

40 Years of Intuitive Healing

Ann has been practicing the Healing Arts for 40 years giving messages of hope and guidance to thousands. She is an "Intuitive" and can sense the energies around people. Her heightened sensitivity was a gift from the Sisterhood of Light when they appeared to her in 1985.

She will work with you to help you follow your dreams by giving grounded practical advice. She is committed to guiding individuals to their greatest potential.

Session Details and Expectations

All counseling sessions are limited to 30 minutes and are given by phone. No taping of the session is permitted so be prepared with paper and pencil and have your questions ready.

Ann does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights and is no way responsible for the result of the client session. The client is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in the session.

Ann's counsel is in no way meant to replace sound medical or legal advice, there is no guarantee of accuracy on future predictions.

Inspiration and Hope

A good reading will confirm what you already know and you are seeking confirmation about. It should give you inspiration and hope to continue on your Path.

Appointment Setup

After you have paid the $100 per 30 minute session please fill out the contact form so Ann can contact you and set an appointment time.